Sidewalk Replacement Addresses Tree Damage June 04, 2020

Did you know that owners of property abutting sidewalk are required to maintain the sidewalk in good repair and safe condition?  Per the voter-approved Charter of the City of Coos Bay, Section 8.5, “The City may provide by ordinance that the owners of property adjoining any street shall have a duty to construct, repair or maintain free of hazards and obstructions any sidewalk adjacent to their property, and shall be liable for any injuries or damages resulting from failure to comply with such duty”. Coos Bay Municipal Code Chapter 12.10 codifies Section 8.5 of the Charter. 
For many years, the City assists property owners in their duty to repair their abutting sidewalk by demolishing and hauling away damaged sidewalk sections at no cost to the owner.  Another City practice has been, and remains, for the City to repair sidewalks suffering from damage due to a city planted tree whether adjacent to private or public property. The City planted trees are limited to downtown and Empire area business cores.
Sidewalk demolition work and repair is currently underway adjacent to the Wells Fargo bank in downtown. The sidewalks abutting the bank property were damaged by the roots of City trees. The City is demolishing and replacing the sidewalk at its expense. Wells Fargo is paying for replacing their driveway ramps and ODOT will be paying for the cost of the pedestrian ramps. The source of funds for the City portion of the work is from Urban Renewal funds.