Six Months of Sprinkler Irrigation Rates 2020 June 04, 2020


It's that time of year when gardens are planted, flowers are blooming, and water is to care for both. The City of Coos Bay provides six months of summer sprinkling/irrigation sewer rates for individually metered single-family sewer users who are customers of the Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board. 
The sewer rates for this group of residential sewer users are placed on a sprinkling rate during the May-October billing cycle. The rate is a flat rate, calculated from the average water consumption for the prior six-month billing cycle of November through April. During the May through October billing cycle, an individually metered single-family dwelling will pay this flat rate or their actual rate, whichever is less.
The City is divided up into several different billing cycles because the Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board is not able to read the entire City’s water meters in one week. That means the May through October billing cycle for the residents throughout the City will vary. Some customer’s May through October billing cycle will start at the end of May while others will start in June. Each customer is provided six months of sprinkling rates.