Sixth Avenue Construction Stays on Schedule November 08, 2017

Many may know that there was a two-day road closure that occurred the week before last along 6th Avenue in Eastside. While this road closure impacted residents, surrounding businesses, and school, it was necessary to allow the contractor access to safely drive the piles that will support the new bridge. Now that the piles are installed, the contractor can maintain southbound traffic for the duration of the project. 

The City and our contractor want to thank you for your patience during this two-day closure. Additionally, the City understands that this project is impacting the local traffic and roads in Eastside and wants to thank you in advance for your patience during the next few months. Upon completion of this project, the City and local residents will have a bridge that will serve this area for years to come!  


Pilings on 6th ave photo

Driving the Piling into the ground across 6th Ave.


Pilings on Sixth Ave alternate view photo

Piling drove into the ground and southbound traffic is back open and functioning.