There Are Still Positive Highlights To 2020  November 20, 2020

 As I look back over this year, there is little doubt that 2020 has been a difficult and stressful year in our Community, State, and Country. The COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in suffering with sickness, loss of life and the ongoing restrictions, has been difficult to say the least. Coupled with all these grim circumstances, we have watched socially unjust events unfold creating more suffering. If that wasn’t enough, the political discord in our country has resulted in anger and anxiety for many within our Community. Without a doubt, 2020 has impacted us all in one way or another. 

It’s hard to believe that the Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us once again. Despite COVID-19, social unrest, and a contentious political environment, I believe we still have a lot to be thankful for. As I reflect upon the holiday, I am mindful that it is an occasion of celebration, gathering with family and friends (maybe not like we have in the past), and a time to give thanks for what we do have.

As a member of this Community, I am thankful for the ongoing investment in our schools, the many new homes and apartments under construction, the construction of new buildings and renovations to many older buildings in our community, as well as the various road improvements and wastewater infrastructure projects. I am also thankful to be your Mayor and I believe we are all blessed to have such a great staff and an exemplary group of volunteers here in Coos Bay! The collective work of our volunteers truly makes a difference. Without them, the services our community deserves and expects simply would not be possible. The following is a list (by position) of those who generously donate their time and talents to our Community through the City:

City Council / Urban Renewal Agency
Mayor Joe Benetti
Council President Phil Marler                          
City Councilor Lucinda DiNovo
City Councilor Drew Farmer
City Councilor Stephanie Kilmer
City Councilor Carmen Matthews
City Councilor Rob Miles
Budget Committee
Patrick Terry      
Harold Folker
Steve Horne
Florence Pourtal-Stevens
Roy Metzger
Fredrick Taylor
Ali Mageehon
Design Assistance Team
Hilary Baker
MJ Koreiva
Andrew Locati
Ariann Lyons
Shaun Gibbs
Sarah Recken
Library Board
Kathy Erickson
Curt Benward
Steve Metz
Bob More
James Moore
Alissa Pruess
Peggy Christensen
Rob Miles (council rep.)
Parks Commission
Bill Davis
Ariann Lyons
Shaun Gibbs
Bev Meyers       
Sam Crowley
Bill Otton
Patty Scott
Carmen Matthews (council rep.)

CB/NB Water Board
Melissa Cribbins
Charles Sharps, Ph. D.
Planning Commission
Jim Berg, Chair                 
Terry Pittenger
Bill Davis
Jeff Marineau
Josh Stevens
Rex Miller
Amy Aguirre
Tree Board
Brian Allan
Catherine Walworth
Meredith Childs
Carmen Matthews
Rex Miller
Blair Holman
Cora Vandervelden
Haley Lagasse

Library Foundation
Susan Anderson
Marie Benton
Curt Benward
Melanie Bloom
Robert More
Margo Borstad
Steve Metz
Gina Sutherland
Christine Stole
Carol Ventgen
Doug Wuerth


Library Facility Steering Committee
Drew Farmer
Alissa Pruess
Curt Benward
Bob More
Doug Wuerth
Marie Benton
Sami Pierson
Rodger Craddock
Robert Miles

Public Works Volunteers

Choshi Gardens
Beverly Meyers
Sonny Meyers

Park Hosts
Monique Lopes
Donald Phillips
Linda Phillips
Marina Host
Fred Fisher
Community Dev. Dept. Vol.
Joan Morrison

Police Department Volunteers

Reserve Officers
Officer Luke McGriff
Officer Timothy West Jr.
Disabled Parking Enforcement
Michael Bothe

Fire Department Volunteers

Volunteer Firefighters
Tamara Beardsley
Heath Matysek-Snyder
Della McDermott
Nick Winner
Michael Wright
Mike White
Wyatt Cunningham
Jace Haagen
Hunter Johnson
Resident Interns

Tyler Easter
Johnathan Torres
Uriel Barrios-Gonzales
Victor Basurto
Kyle Lovelace
Brian Cowin
Rick Nickolaus

-Joe Benetti, Mayor of Coos Bay