Three City Employees Recognized for 35 Years of Service September 20, 2017

City Recognizes Long Time Employee with Police Department

Rhonda Wilson is the longest-tenured employee currently at the Coos Bay Police Department. Wilson began her career as a part-time dispatcher in the Coos Bay Police Department Communications Center in September 1985 and was

 hired as a full-time dispatcher in May of 1986. During that time, Wilson has seen a lot of change in the department relating to computer technology, radio communications, and different policing philosophies which accompanied different Police Chiefs and Supervisors.

Over the years, Wilson has been recognized by her Supervisors, Co-Workers, Police, the Police Administration, and Communication Organizations for her dedication to not only the Police Department, but also the City of Coos Bay and the Citizens she assisted. She has received numerous department awards and citations, including the “Life Saving Award” (2014) and the “Distinguished Service Award” (2010). These Oregon Peace Officers Association (OPOA) awards were given during state wide awards ceremonies.

In 2007, all the Communications Center members were recognized by Chief Eura Washburn as “Employees of the Year” for their dedicated service to the citizens of Coos Bay.

Rhonda Wilson photo

Rhonda Wilson

Two Employees Celebrate 32 Years at the Library

This year, two employees of Coos Bay Public Library each celebrate 32 years of service; Crystal Barr and Pam Granstrom. 

Barr started her career with the City at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. She worked in the office for seven years where she provided administrative support and information systems management. Barr then transitioned to the Fire Department where she was the Office Manager, handling everything from public tours to confidential record keeping for two different Fire Chiefs. In 2002, Barr transferred to the Library’s Office Manager position. Barr continues to be instrumental to the operations of the library and is enjoying her “fun, but sometimes wild ride” at the library. 

Chrystal Barr photo

Crystal Barr

Granstrom has also worked for the City for 32 years, starting as a Library Assistant and then becoming the Cataloging Librarian in 1992. Granstrom has seen many changes in the library especially in the physical space and increased technology. This quote by Vartan Gregorian is near and dear to her: “Libraries keep the records on behalf of all humanity. The unique and the absurd, wise and the fragments of stupidity.” Pam’s sense of humor and commitment to the ideals of a public library have made her invaluable to the library team. 

Both staff and patrons are grateful to these two dedicated employees who work hard each day to provide the best possible service to the patrons of Coos Bay Public Library.  

Pam Granstrom Photo

Pam Granstrom