Treatment Plant Holds Dedication Ceremony October 04, 2018

This past Wednesday was the Ribbon Cutting and Dedication Ceremony for the new Wastewater Treatment Plant located on the northeast corner of Fulton Avenue and Empire Boulevard. The City of Coos Bay is proud and excited for the New Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 2 to be near completion. Over the last two years construction has made rapid progress. With the collaboration of many contractors, both local and out of the area, the construction process has gone very well.

The City is nearing the end of the clean water testing phase. Over the last few weeks, the plant has been processing clean water to test all the equipment and systems prior to accepting raw sewage. Operators are being trained on the new system and have simulated many scenarios, during low and high flows to ensure that the plant can function properly during varying conditions. This is to ensure that when the plant is accepting sewage everyone is trained on what standard protocol needs to be implemented.

During the ceremony, a special recognition was given to Janette Kerbo the City Resident Project Representative. Kerbo has been instrumental in the construction process of this plant. She has dedicated many long hours daily on site with contractors and construction workers. Kerbo is also a devoted citizen of Coos Bay and spends countless hours volunteering for Soroptomist along with other organizations. The City truly appreciates all that Kerbo does for this community.

The City would like to thank all the neighboring residents for their patience throughout the construction process. The City would also like to thank all those that worked on this project. The City appreciates all the hard working people at Mortenson Construction, understanding it was a team effort with the valued subcontractors that made this project a success.