Upgrades Close to Completion for Pump Station One October 31, 2017

Typically, sanitary sewer collection systems are designed to convey flow via gravity. However, due to the undulating terrain here in Coos Bay, this can be difficult. To overcome this, the City has 22 pump stations. Pump stations are facilities that pump wastewater from a low-lying area to a point at which the wastewater can flow via gravity. The City’s largest pump station is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Birch Avenue and N. Front Street and serves all of downtown, the Mingus Park area, Englewood, Eastside, and Bunkerhill. This pump station was originally constructed in 1951 and upgraded in the late 1980s. The pump station has been undergoing an upgrade for the past year and is nearing completion. While the City was able to preserve the wet well and piping, a new pumphouse had to be constructed along with upgrading the generator, pumps, and replacing all of the electrical and mechanical components. Additionally, a crane was installed to aid in the removal of the pumps for maintenance and emergency purposes. 

The pump station upgrade incorporated a façade that is in accordance with the Waterfront Heritage Design District (a district that was created to evoke historical architectural styles which existed in the Coos Bay area between 1870-1920). The upgrade also included black metal fencing and landscaping. While these architectural improvements are small they make a big impact in an area that has great potential for redevelopment. The pump station is online and once the landscaping and fence installation is complete the project will be officially complete.    

Pumphouse photo