URA Approves Façade Grant for Old City Hall February 20, 2020

While the building has seen better days, the new owners intend to bring it back to its old glory days. Their façade project includes repair/replacement of windows with like-kind materials/design and stained-glass window replacement using the original design. All doors will be restored, and old wood covers and boarded-over entries/exits and service access points will be removed, rehabilitated, and rebuilt.  At the main entrance, the lions added in the 1960s will be cleaned and painted, and the building steps will be resurfaced and/or replaced as necessary for compliance with a previously authorized stair improvement project. New awnings, monument signs, and many of the doors and windows will be replaced to the specifications of the 1920’s period from when the building was constructed. 


The new owner of Old City Hall has committed to investing over $280,000 for both interior and exterior building improvements.  At their meeting this week, the Coos Bay Urban Renewal Agency approved a façade grant of $50,000 for the project.  Urban Renewal funds are dedicated funds that can only be used on capital projects within the Urban Renewal Districts to address blighted conditions as outlined in a legislatively approved Urban Renewal Plan.