Wastewater Treatment Plant Basins Are Test Ready July 13, 2017

Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 2  

Things are getting done around here...

The first concrete slab was placed on March 22, 2017 and just three months later two of the three concrete basins are complete. The last basin is scheduled to construct the final wall the week of July 10. Finish work has started on the two basins that are complete. This finish work will get the basins ready for water testing and installation of the equipment that will treat the wastewater. The pictures show one of the basins, the equalization tank, prior to adding water and during the water test.  The water test is a quality control process that will ensure that the basins are water tight. This water test is a common practice when constructing concrete structures such as these. The schedule is to have the plant online and treating raw sewage no later than September 2018.

Basin tank photos