Wastewater Treatment Plant Tested and Ready July 11, 2018

In January 2017, construction started at the new wastewater treatment plant in Empire. The project is nearing completion and is commencing the startup and testing of the equipment. The first test was performed in June the submersible pumps located in the Influent Pump Station (IPS). The IPS has been designed to have 5 pumps with a capacity of 8.2 million gallons per day and is responsible to pump new sewage to the headworks.

The pumps were tested at the factory prior to being shipped to the project. The factory representatives were at the construction site and carefully checked the pumps again, measuring the amps and volts at each connection and inspecting the inside of the pump station.  The pumps were then set in place and the pump station was filled with clean water.  Each pump was ran and had measurements taken. All five pumps passed the tests and are approved for use.

Each piece of equipment at the plant will be tested in a similar fashion.  When all the equipment has been checked and approved, then the contractor runs the entire system with clean water for 30 days, deliberately simulating failure modes to show how the backup systems take over.  This system of checks and rechecks assures that the systems will start up and run as designed prior to starting treatment of raw sewage. Currently, It is anticipated that raw sewage will be accepted in November 2018.