Public Works & Community Development Department

The goal of the Public Works & Community Development Department is to work with the community in achieving and maintaining a better quality of life by providing professional guidance and coordination of all land planning and development activities, and by fairly and consistently implementing the City's regulations and policies.

The Public Works & Community Development Department includes Building Codes, Codes Enforcement, Planning, and Economic Development divisions.

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Community Development Administrator

Carolyn joined the City of Coos Bay in October 2018.

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  • Q:

    × Who can I call if I have questions or comments about a land use project?

    You can always contact the Planning Division office at 541-269-8918 to get information about a land use or planning project. If you received a mailed notice of a pending land use hearing, the project planner’s name and direct contact information will appear on the notice.

  • Q:

    × Can a permit be issued before the plan review is approved?

    Plan review must be complete before a permit can be issued. After you apply for a permit and the plans are approved, the permit will be issued to you and you can begin work.

  • Q:

    × When does my permit expire?

    Building permits expire if there are no inspections for 180 days. The best way to keep your permit from expiring is to make progress and have regular inspections as you work. If you can't work within a 180-day period and don't wish to abandon the project, you may submit a written request to the Community Development Department to extend your permit for an additional 180 days.

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Ensuring the safety and structural integrity of buildings and other structures.

Building permits ensure that construction meets minimum building standards to ensure safe workmanship. You need a permit if you’re making structural, plumbing, mechanical, or electrical changes to an existing building or if you're building something new. Permits are also required for any work in the right of way (ROW), demolition, sewer connections and repairs, curb cuts, site development, and signs.

Additional information and applications. To reach the City's Building Codes Division, call 541-269-8918 or email

All electrical and plumbing permits are processed and issued by the Oregon State Building Codes Division (BCD). The Coos County BCD office is located in Coos Bay City Hall, phone is 541-266-1098, fax is 541-266-1146.


Fostering a healthy and attractive community

The Codes Enforcement Divsion is dedicated to working in cooperation with city officials, property owners and citizens to preserve the beauty and value of property and lands as well as promoting the safety, health and general well-being of all citizens and visitors to our city. Codes Enforcement provides information to the general public and to individuals affiliated with specific development projects. We investigate complaints and enforce compliance in the areas of nuisance standards, including:

We rely primarily on requirements from the City's Municipal Code, which is available online. Public health and safety are priorities as we work to gain compliance with existing code and administrative rules. We aim to provide exceptional customer service by emphasizing a cooperative, problem-solving approach with professionalism and respect.

Through education and enforcement, we work with community members to:

To report a concern, please call the Codes Enforcement Officer at 541-269-1181 extension 2267 or email


Assisting the community with land use and development

The Planning Division provides a range of responsive services for the citizens of Coos Bay and the development community for matters pertaining to land development and community planning. We are the primary source for public information on development in the City. Although not all development activity necessarily requires direct involvement with the planning staff and support services, we can usually guide inquiries and questions to the right person or entity. To reach the Planning Divison, call 541-269-8918 or email

We implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Development Code. The Comprehensive Plan identifies the community's land use vision. The Development Code implements the community vision by identifying the regulatory side of land use and development activity. For example, we give information on where to build or add on to structures to ensure compliance with zoning, property setbacks, lot coverage, parking, and other regulations. This helps the City develop in a coordinated and organized manner that benefits not only individual property owners but adds to our community’s vitality. The Development Code is available online as Title 17 of the Coos Bay Municipal Code.

The Planning Division is responsible for project management on land use applications that propose new or modified development in the City. This includes conducting pre-application conferences, the in-take of proposed development applications, providing public notification and information on proposed development projects, reviewing projects for compliance with the adopted Development Code, making decisions or recommendations on those projects (depending on their level of review), and scheduling and conducting public hearings. Ultimately, our purpose is to guide each project through the approval process in a timely manner when all development requirements are satisfied.

The City of Coos Bay is also a participating community in the National Flood Insurance Program since areas within the City have been subject to periodic flooding. We have adopted land use control measures to reduce flood hazards and assure that city residents will continue to benefit from the national program.


Programs and Projects of city-wide significance and value can be found here.

Addressing Homelessness

After a year-long work effort and recommendation by a Council-appointed work group considering a variety of options to address Coos Bay homelessness and after two public hearings, the City Council has adopted a temporary lodging facility permitting process by which agencies, churches and other entities can provide temporary lodging (30 consecutive days and 90 days in a single calendar year). Ordinance No. 515. Temporary lodging is envisioned as a short - term option for families and individuals transitioning to a long-term housing solution.  City authorization of a temporary lodging facility would be subject to life/safety inspection and criteria/standards to assure safety of lodging guests and compatibility with the surrounding area. A facility would be limited to areas beyond 500’ of another temporary lodging facility, school, child care center or park. Notification of pending applications would be required for property owners within a 500’ radius of a proposed facility for public comment prior to a City decision on the facility.  For more information, see this question/answer sheet. Questions? Contact Carolyn Johnson, Community Development Administrator at or 541-269-1181 ex 2287.

notable projects

When the City receives large or unusual land development or land use law amendment applications, we strive to share this information with the public. Below is information on the following upcoming project applications:


Hollering Place – A multi-use land use development pre-application has been submitted by the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw. (CTCLUSI) The pre-application meeting notes can be found here. The project is described at City background on the Hollering Place can be found here

Gateway Oasis II - Manufactured Home Park - A pre-application has been received for an approximately 400 space manufactured home park over 73 acres of multi-family zoned property with access from Lindy Lane. The property is generally located south of Ocean Blvd and is adjacent to the new Fed-Ex complex and Cascade Farm store to the east, Shore Pines Manufactured Home Park to the west, and Coos Bay North Bend Water Board property to the south. The pre-application notes can be found here.


Jordan Cove Application -  The Jordan Cove Energy Project L.P. has applied to the City for a  Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment to the Coos Bay Estuary Management Plan to 1) change the designation of approximately 3.3 acres from 52-NA to DDNC-DA; 2) change text in the Comprehensive Plan to take a reasons exception to statewide planning goal 16 to authorize the proposed map amendment; 3) an Estuarine and Coastal Shoreline Uses and Activities Permit for “New and Maintenance Dredging” in the DDNC-DA Estuarine Zone; and 4) an Estuarine and Coastal Shoreline Uses and Activities Permit to allow an accessory temporary dredge transport pipeline in the 52-NA, 53-CA, 54-DA and 55-CA Estuarine Zones. The following is a link to the application completeness letter.

The Planning Commission reviewed the project application staff report on Thursday, March 21, 2019. The Planning Commission’s review is for advisory purposes; their recommendation will be forwarded to the City Council. The Planning Commission closed the public hearing (audio here) but consistent with ORS 197.763(6)(a), left the record open for written comments on any issue related to the project until 5 PM on Thursday, April 25, 2019. A second open record period was from Friday, April 26, 2019 to May 16, 2019 to comment on issues raised during the first comment period. All comments can be found here. Response to comments from the applicant can be found here. Comment 39 can be found here (applicant's first open record peroid submittal ~17,000 pages). 

The Planning Commission continued their March 2, 2019 public meeting to May 30, 2019 6 PM; however, that meeting was cancelled so additional time could be provided for public and Planning Commission review of the many public comments. The May 30, 2019 meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 6 PM.  The July 23, 2019 meeting materials can be found here. The Planning Commission completed their review and their recommendation to Council for action can be here

A Council public hearing was held on Tuesday, August 27 and the Council considered the Planning Commission’s recommendation, all comments previously submitted for Planning Commission review, comments received for Council consideration and new public testimony. Comments received after May 16 and by 5 PM August 27 for Council review can be found hereThe Council staff report is here. All Council staff report exhibits (including referecned exhibits for the January 7, 2020 staff report) can be found here. (The Planning Commission July 23, 2019 minutes can be found here.) Comments received by the Council at the August 27, 2019 public hearing can be found here.

The City Council closed the public hearing (audio here) but consistent with ORS 197.763(6)(a), left the record open for written comments on any issue related to the project until 5 PM on Friday, September 27, 2019. View first open record period comments hereA second open record period for comments on issues raised during the first comment period will be from Saturday, September 28 through Thursday, October 31, 2019. To View second open record period comments, please click here.  Applicant time for final comments is Friday, November 1 to 5PM  Friday, November 15, and can be found here. The City Council will deliberate on the application on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. 

On October 15, 2019, the City Council affirmed the January 7, 2020 date for their deliberations after review of the applications history and processing complexities.The information the Council received is reflected in this powerpoint.     January 7, 2020 is a change from a previously scheduled date of January 21, 2020. The Council’s meeting Tuesday, January 7, 2020 will be held at 7 pm in the Coos Bay Council chambers located at 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay.  As previously noted, the public comment period for the comprehensive plan amendment and land use permits is open until 5 pm Thursday, October 31, 2019.  There will be no oral testimony taken at the January 7, 2020 Council meeting; however, Council will consider comments received by 5 pm, October 31, 2019.  The staff report for the Tuesday, January 7, 2020 Council deliberation was posted December 4, 2019. To view the notice for the City Council meeting on January 7, 2020, please click here. The December 3, 2019 pre-summary of the January 7, 2020 staff report can be found here

The January 7, 2020, City Council staff report can be found here, and attachments here. A supplement to the January 7, 2020, staff report can be found here. Due to technical difficulties, not all embedded links to attachments and comments in the findings are operating properly. The City is aware and is addressing the issue and will be resolved Monday, December 16. 

Planners Henry Hearley and Jacob Callister can be reached at or  or  by US mail at 859 Willamette St #500, Eugene, OR 97401. Henry and Jake work for the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG); the City has contracted with LCOG for planning permit processing services related to the project. They can also be reached by phone, Henry is at 541-682-3089 and Jacob is at 541-682-4114. Carolyn Johnson, Community Development Administrator, can be reached at 541-269-1181 ex 2287.

Jordan Cove Eelgrass Mitigation Application - Jordan Cove Energy Project L.P. (JCEP) is requesting approval of an Estuarine Permit #187-19-000035-PLNG to authorize JCEP’s development of an “Eelgrass Mitigation Site” to offset potential impacts to eelgrass habitat from the construction and operation of JCEP’s liquified natural gas terminal to be located on the North Spit in unincorporated Coos County. The identified “Eelgrass Mitigation Site” is located in an area of City of Coos Bay jurisdiction area.  The proposed project components include, recontouring an existing unvegetated sandbar to create an area of optimal eelgrass habitat, and then transplanting eelgrass from a nearby “Donor Site” into the migration area.  The following is a link to #187-19-000035-PLNG. The following is a link to the Applicant's Supplemental Materials in response to completeness items.  The application is subject to a Type III Planning Review process. A special Planning Commission public hearing date has been scheduled to review the subject application for Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 6 PM at the City of Coos Bay City hall located at 500 Central, Coos Bay Oregon. The Planning Commission packet for that meeting with a staff report can be found here. Public comments received by the time the staff report was published can be found here. The Applicant's response can be found here. Following the September 24 public hearing, the hearing was closed and record left open for the following dates: First Open Record Period from September 25 to October 1. Second Open Record Period (limited to issues raised in the first open record period) from October 2 to October 7. Applicant's final rebuttal October 8 to October 10. To view the First Open Record Period Comments, click here. To view the Second Open Record Period comments, click here. To view the Applicant's final written arugments, click here. To view the Staff Report for October 22, please click here. To view the Agenda for October 22, please click here. To view the attachments to the revised Staff Report for October 22, please click here. The Planning Commission approved the project and a final order with findings for approval can be found here. The Planning Commission action was appealable to the Council; however, no appeal was filed, which can be found here Questions? Call 541-269-8918. 

Planners Henry Hearley and Jacob Callister are available to accept your written comments at or  or  by US mail at 859 Willamette St #500, Eugene, OR 97401. Henry and Jake work for the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG); the City has contracted with LCOG for planning permit processing services related to the project. They can also be reached by phone, Henry is at 541-682-3089 and Jacob is at 541-682-4114. Carolyn Johnson, Community Development Administrator, can be reached at 541-269-1181 ex 2287.

land use plan amendments

The City Planning Commission and Council will be going through the process of consideration for amendments to Title 17 of the City’s land use regulations related to Coos Bay Municipal Code Chapter sections noted below. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to review the first draft of these amendments on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 6 PM in the City Council chambers located at 500 Central Ave, Coos Bay.

Draft changes related to each of the following can be reviewed by clicking on each link below. All will be the subject of Planning Commission discussion; with areas highlighted in yellow in the documents of particular note requiring some in depth discussion.    

Section 1; 17.110 – General Provisions, 17.130 – Procedures, 17.150 – Definitions (one document with strike-outs for some language and some additions).

17.220 - LDR-6 and LDR-8 Residential districts (two documents, one with current language and strike outs and additions, the other a clean copy with changes)

17.312 - Accessory Dwelling units (one document with proposed strike-outs for some language)

17.370 – Vacation Rentals  (all new language)

Your written comments on the proposed modifications are welcome and should be emailed to You may also mail your comments to Carolyn Johnson, Community Development Administrator at 500 Central Ave, Coos Bay Oregon, 97420 or call her at 541-269-1181 ex 2287.  


Accessory Dwellings - The City provides a process for securing authorization for an accessory dwelling unit. An accessory dwelling unit is an interior, attached or detached residential structure in a single-family residential neighborhood. An application for an accessory dwelling unit begins in the Planning Division, and a building permit is also necessary. This brochure provides additional information.   

Comprehensive Plan

Volume 1;  Volume 2;  Volume 3 - Estuary Management Plan,  Coos Bay Estuary Management Plan Map,  Comprehensive Plan Map

Development Code

Development Code, Title 17 of the Coos Bay Municipal Code

Zoning Map


Land Use Development Review Pre-Application

Land Use Development Review Application

Design Standards

Empire Waterfront Settlement Design Standards


2018 Coos County Housing Analysis and Action Plan


Partners with other public and private entities to expand and diversify our local economy

Economic Development promotes and revitalizes the Downtown and Empire Urban Renewal Districts by coordinating with the city’s economic development partners to attract, retain, and promote expansion of local business opportunities, managing the façade improvement grant program, and coordinating urban renewal projects.

The goal of economic development is to create a downtown that is a quality of life asset for the entire community, bringing unique spaces, recreation, excitement, history, social opportunities and cultural resources to all residents and visitors.

Economic Development includes programs for Urban Renewal, Façade Improvement, and specific development and re-development projects.